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The Wouter Nolet Foundation (WNF) supports the Health Care System in Sierra Leone. They provide scholarships to qualified health care workers in Sierra Leone enabling them to join the Advanced Trainings of three NGO’s. And they participate in an outreach project, in which maternal health care for pregnant women in remote areas in Sierra Leone is improved.


Wouter Nolet

Scholarships, Maternal Outreach Project (MOP) & Research

The scholarship activities, operating under the name of the Wouter Nolet Scholarship Fund (WNSF) have been greatly expanded in 2022. After having developed the application processes and organization structure, we were able to grant scholarships to 30 students. It is also worth mentioning that we entered into partnerships with three major NGO’s: ‘CapaCare’ (Surgery/Obstetrics), ‘German Doctors’ (Paediatrics) and Partners in Health (Internal Medicine).

In addition, we joined an outreach program, called Maternal Outreach Project (MOP), to villages in rural areas, focusing on diagnostics of pregnant women and referral of high risk pregnancies to the nearest hospitals. This can only be successful if properly prepared by local Maternity Agents who were trained in giving information about birth planning and control. The aim is to reduce the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in Sierra Leone which is among the highest in the world.

In order to assess the impact and (cost) effectiveness of the MOP efforts an evidence based research will be conducted on the data collected during the interventions. This evaluation is to ensure that the MOP project is reviewed and fine-tuned in order to achieve that future interventions are meaningful and capable of improving lives for families in rural Sierra Leone.

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Wouter Nolet

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